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Why SaveCart


SaveCart is not just a tool. We approach every client individually and our relations are based on partnership. We cooperate with experienced specialists for specific trades, who posess adequate knowledge, know-how and are well familiarized with the e-commerce market. SaveCart is used by both small and very big e-enterprises, who see their future in a personalized message and building positive experiences in contact with their clients.


SaveCart can increase sales more than 20%. The system can be integrated with well known e-commerce platforms (i.a. Shoper, Redcart, Prestashop, IAI Shop, Magento, Shopgold), as well as with your individual platforms. Integration is on the part of SaveCart. Each Client has guaranteed support in preparing their campaigns, as well as a dedicated tutor, who looks after the campaigns and remains in permanent contact.

SaveCart advantages

  • Real-time Personalization

    The unique solutions used by SaveCart allow, i.a. for saving the abandoned transactions, raising the cart’s value, engaging and inspiring the e-commerce users to shop. Each campaign and the message it embodies can be addressed to a large number of users (e.g. new and returning users, regular customers), along with the possibility to spread it onto days and hours.

  • Marketing Automation

    We combine monitoring the users’ online activity with e-mail marketing, push messages and recommendation engine. This allows us for a prompt response as to what the client currently needs.

  • Extended analytics

    Direct access to the reports allows for a quick assessment of the effectiveness of the campaing as well as allows to undertake actions aiming to increase the sales value. Statistics are available for each campaing, based on which one can decide whether the specific settings meet the expectations and assumed goals.

  • Trigger Marketing

    Basing on the history of site visiting and shopping history of the users we can reach with our message to a precise group of recipients. SaveCart System analyses which clients meet certain criteria and are eligible for receiving a personalized message.

  • A/B tests

    The use of A/B tests allows to assess the reception of the displayed message and in such a way the look and the content of the message can be adjusted to the needs of the users. Numerous messages can be tested for each campaign.

  • Surveys / Forms

    SaveCart fosters the drawdown of important information anytime and anywhere on the site thanks to advanced targeting options. For example, the Survey can be displayed when the shopping cart is abandoned by the user, asking for the reasons of abandonment, or it can be displayed to a user who returns to the e-shop continuously, however, makes no transactions.

  • Web Push

    Displaying web push messages directly in the browser, even if the user is not on the site of the shop or visited it for the last time long time ago. Additionally, web push messages can be liaised with the availability /price change of the product. After the change in the status of the product, the user receives a push message with a redirection to the product’s site.

  • Recommendation Engine

    The engine of recommendation allows to display recommended products from the entire stock of the e-shop adjusted to the client’s needs. The engine is based i.a. on the method of collaborative filtering, analyzing ealier behavior of the user and his relations with other users (similar preferences) and the similarity of products. The widget with the recommendation engine can be placed anywhere on site.

  • Leads

    We offer a precise system of lead acquisition in the e-shop, taking into account i.a. the behavioral profiles of users, their shopping history and on site behavior in real time.

  • Creator

    Creator is a complex tool, which is used for making creations for on-site campaigns. Amongst all available options one can add graphics, texts, animations, chose color and CTA settings hence creating many varieties of messages meant for A/B tests.

  • Mobile Api

    SaveCart System can be integrated (along with the e-shop) with a dedicated mobile application (through API), thus connecting the potential of the online (www) and mobile channel.

  • Predictive analysis

    Using Big Data solutions fosters a total personalization of the message which is adjusted to the needs and interests of the users. Thanks to the use of predictive analysis, behavioral profile of the clients are created, based on their history of site interactions. In such a way our system can foresee, with highest probability, the behavior of the user and use it as a clue to the character and kind of the needed message.

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